Services & Fees


Full Body Relaxation Massage 

      .  60 min.    $45.00


  • Relaxing, soothing and ideal for people with fibromyalgia, stress or exhaustion.


Pain Relief/Treatment Massage 

      .   30 min.     $35.00
      .   60 min.     $55.00

      .   90 min.     $75.00


  • Focuses on specific pain, muscular and nervous system issues such as
    acute or chronic pain, numbeness or tingling, burning, tightness, tension, and spasm.
  • Focuses on specific areas such as neck, shoulder, arms, back and lower back, knees hips, arms, and/or hands.



Foot Therapy

Foot, Ankle, & Hand Pain Relief Treatment

            .60 min.       $55.00


  • Including sprains, plantar fasciatis, carpal tunnel, and other related problems.